The Unincorporated Area of Gualala

Gualala is the southernmost community within Mendocino County , situated just across the Sonoma/Mendocino County line, and adjacent to the Planned Unit Development known as The Sea Ranch.

Serving as the commercial center for the northern Sonoma County and southern Mendocino County coastal areas , Gualala provides for most all of the local resident, visitor and traveling tourist needs. There are supermarkets, restaurants and lodging accommodations throughout the downtown core of Gualala. Also along Highway 1, you will find the Gualala Pharmacy, the Post Office, the Gualala Community Center, service stations, retail shops, a bank, sport shop and art galleries.

Known for being one of the more beautiful stretches of the rugged Northern California coastline, Gualala is especially blessed by the magnificent Gualala River that lines the banks of the town. Walking along the Gualala Bluff Trail, has become a favorite pastime for many, while gazing across the pristine river water towards the beach and ocean. The middle of the lower portion of the Gualala River is recognized as the Mendocino/Sonoma County boundary line.

Gualala Point Regional Park, on the Sonoma County side of the Gualala River, is a very popular Park, and one of the most spectacular coastal access beaches in the area. Visitors and locals alike, hike the long beach to the river mouth or along the estuary, while carefully watching the ocean surf and tidal fluctuations. The extremely fresh air off of the Pacific Ocean and Gualala’s renown mild and sunny, micro-climate, provides for an everyday enjoyable, healthy, and environmental experience.

Besides being a draw for its scenic vistas and natural landscape, Gualala also features many art galleries and has a very diversified art community. The Gualala Arts Center is home to many outstanding events and performances.

Additional recreational opportunities abound, such as steelhead and ocean fishing, abalone diving, kayaking, surfing, whale watching, golfing at the public Sea Ranch Golf Course, or simply walking through town and shopping. Bicycling is a favorite activity, with State Route 1 being legislatively designated as the Pacific Coast Bike Route.

To this day an unincorporated community, Gualala is nonetheless fortunate to have a big voice in its everyday life and political future. An active Gualala Community Advisory Council and Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce, help shape and guide development in this beautiful rural area.